The Office of Sustainability has developed recycling guidelines for the entire MSU community. The set of guidelines are intended to provide a framework for recycling at MSU.

Watch this video to learn more about how recycling at MSU works and how you can help make campus more sustainable:

Campus Wide Recycling

  • MSU has developed a campus wide recycling program that offers an alternative to the way we management our waste. Recycling a part of the integrated waste management hierarchy that aligns with our goals to reduce the waste that enters the landfills.
  • Materials that are recycled on our campus are plastic #1, #2, all papers, cardboards, and metals. This program aims to capture as much as recycling material within the offices and common areas without requiring individuals to transport the material to centralized collection points.
  • Recycling containers are either blue in color or marked with an MSU recycling sticker. See the images below for specific information on waste to be discarded and recycling materials that are accepted. You may download the images for printing by clicking below.
  • Recycling Data
    • Fiscal Year 2019-2020 (4,449.27 tons)
    • Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (3,876.98 tons)

E-Waste Recycling

Any device that is powered by electricity is considered electronic waste when it is ready for disposal. E-waste cannot be disposed of as ordinary trash. Electronic waste is recycled by the Office of Receiving and Property Control – even if it is not on inventory. All electronic equipment is acceptable with the exception of hazardous waste, radioactive waste, biohazardous waste and mercury-containing devices. If your equipment contains any of the above-mentioned waste, please contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 662.325.3294 for more information on how to dispose of these items. For more information on the E-Waste Recycling Program, contact the Office of Receiving and Property Control at 662.325.2545.

Water Bottle Filler Station

As an initiative to reduce the use of plastic bottles on campus the Office of Sustainability has partnered with others to implement the use of water bottle filler stations across campus. Reducing the usage of plastics not only diverts plastic from the waste landfills but provides an annual cost savings for the user. One of the unique features is that these stations have built in water bottle counters that track the number of plastic water bottles the station has saved from use, acting as tangible proof of the station’s impact. Water Bottle Filler Stations dispense water three times faster than a standard drinking fountain. As we continue to install these stations across campus, we will have a positive impact on the environment. For more information, please contact the Office of Sustainability at 662-325-6637.

Used Oil Recycling

Used engine oil, hydraulic oil, vacuum pump oil, lubricating oil, cooking oil, etc. must be collected for disposal. Oil should be placed in a leak tight container that can be closed. The container must be labeled "Used Oil". For more information please contact the Office of Regulatory Compliance at 662.325.3294.