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The Office of Sustainability is located in the Division of Campus Services and is staffed with both professional staff and student workers.

The Office of Sustainability focuses on a holistic campus. Not only is our focus on resource use and consumption, but on the overall campus environment. The goal is to develop an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible foundation that guides and tempers all campus development, teaching, research, outreach, and operational activity.

The Office of Sustainability has four areas of focus: Operations, Materials, Transportation, and Grounds. These four focus areas are represented in our Climate Action Plan.

Meet the Team

  • JD Hardy - Associate Director of Engineering
  • Joseph Paige - Energy & Sustainability Coordinator
  • Kristen Kilgore - Sustainability Intern
  • Colten Barr - Sustainability Intern
  • Kiara Batson - Sustainability Intern
  • Josie Nasekos - Sustainability Intern


Upcoming Events

America Recycles Day - Nov. 15, 2021

World Fisheries Day- Nov. 21, 2021

Wildlife Conservation Day - Dec. 4, 2021

World Soil Day- Dec. 5, 2021