Green Fund

MSU is excited to offer a new opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to help Mississippi State University (MSU) become a more sustainable campus. The MSU Green Fund is an optional contribution that will be used to fund sustainability efforts on campus. Together, we are investing in MSU’s future and reducing our campus’s carbon footprint. Help MSU go green! Opt-In to the Green Fund today!

What is the Green Fund?

The Green Fund is a program at MSU that gives students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to contribute to a fund that is specifically allocated for sustainability projects, student involvement in sustainability, and renewable energy development and production.

Where does the Green Fund money go?

The Green Fund is used to further sustainability efforts on the MSU campus. The fund is used according to the following percentages:

  • 20% Student Internships
  • 30% Renewable Energy Procurement
  • 50% Sustainability Projects

Who controls the Green Fund?

The fund is overseen by the Green Fund Committee, a sub-committee of the Sustainability Committee and is comprised of the following representatives:

  • Vice President of Campus Services, Chair
  • Sustainability Coordinator, Co-Chair
  • Chair, Students for a Sustainable Campus
  • President, Student Association
  • Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
  • General Counsel
  • Vice President for Finance and CFO
  • Energy and Mechanical Engineer


In the fall of 2010, students began campaigning for the creation of a Green Fund that would specifically fund sustainability projects on MSU’s campus. Over the next year and a half students campaigned for the Green Fund collecting over 5000 surveys, petitions, and letters of support, which finally led to a successful school wide vote with overwhelming student support for the Green Fund. Recognizing the significant student support and given their committed support of campus wide sustainability, the MSU Administration approved the creation of the optional contribution that is now called the Green Fund and will be in operation beginning in the Fall of 2012.

Interested in a project or more information? Please email the Office of Sustainability at