Environment and Sustainability Certificate


The Environment & Sustainability Certificate (ENSC) is a 17 credit hour, multi-disciplinary program open to all undergraduate majors in good standing. From accountants to zoologists, and all majors in between, this certificate is designed to enhance your understanding of the complex environmental challenges humanity faces in the 21st century. It will also give you an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an environmental area of interest to you. You will study the technical aspects of issues such as climate change and energy, and learn how our values, beliefs, and governmental policies affect how these issues are addressed. You will also learn about sustainable practices and lifestyle choices that can reduce your ecological footprint. Two courses are required of all students: Introduction to Environmental Science (ENS 2103) and Environmental Science Practicum (ENS 4102), leaving 12 hours for the student to select from three broad categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science & Engineering.

Curriculum Outline

A total of 17 semester hours are required for the certificate. ENS 2103 and ENS 4102 are required of all students, representing 5 credit hours. Of the remaining 12 hours, at least three hours must be taken from each of three categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science & Engineering. The remaining 3 credit hours must be taken from a category not directly related to the student's major course of study.

Enrollment in ENS 4102 must be prearranged with the Program Coordinator. The student may arrange to work with a faculty member conducting research in the environment and sustainability field, or the student may propose a project of relevance to the certificate. This must be arranged in consultation with the Program Coordinator prior to enrolling in ENS 4102.

Admission To The Certificate Program

The Environment and Sustainability Certificate is open to all undergraduate students in good standing. Non Mississippi State University graduates may also enroll in the certificate program. To enroll, simply complete the admission form and submit it to the Program Coordinator. This form is available here at the Mississippi State University website.


Being multi-disciplinary in nature, the Environment and Sustainability Certificate is administered by Office of the Provost. A committee consisting of at least six faculty members from various departments across campus oversees the program's structure and performance. The committee reports to the Associate Provost who will advise the Provost on matters pertaining to the program.